Thursday, May 22, 2008

day 309....
im working on a story book layout ,but im struggling with a title....
anyone have any ideas...mine are a lil lame...but i need one asap ,so throw any thing my's a peek to inspire your title


Georgia}]............ said...

i remember my first time you introduced me to this artwork thanks heeps cant wait to show you my stuff and see yours

xoxox gg

Georgia}]............ said...

''shes my happie ever after'' for your page just an idea hope u lik it or '' once apon a scrap page lived my beautiful liitle girl''

Donna said...

Pop a crown on her and call her The Tangerine Queen (is that her castle?) It's hard without knowing the theme - are you capturing something about your girl - a quality or a moment - a story??? Funky Fairy, Take me to your leader...Once upon a fairy, or... a quote perhaps about dreams - Live your dreams, soar on the wings of your dreams - google dream quotes perhaps??? That's about all from me my dear - good luck!

Melissa said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh I'm loving the look of this!!!
what about...
"I believe..."
"if you can dream it you can achieve it"
"Because of you I believe in MAGIC"
"I believe I can Fly..."
"magical memories or moments"
"You fill my life with MAGIC"
"Every little thing she does is magic"
"She dreams in colour"

hmmmmmmmm that it for me too!


Ali said...

how about....
"once upon a time"???"
"i believe in love"
"There once was a little girl..."

it looks great lisa, loving your LO!!!

Nicole said...

ummm, in the land of fairy castles, I don't know, I usually just go with the first thing that pops into my head.