Sunday, May 25, 2008

day 312
im a lil sick...the dreaded flu has hold of me this weekend
ive had lil quiet time to recouperate ..sorry i havn't been around to comment
but....i have completed 3 layouts this weekend .
here's a peek at what i have done been playing with ...
this 12 months layout was going to be a minimal one.ha yer right ...
inspired by a melissa corbett know i love your style mel.

this is Greg...astrid was shattered when he moved to melbourne .
ive had these pics for ages ,with the sticker,finally i got around to scrappin it..

i finished that layout that i was working on ,here's a peek..

.thanks to all who left a comment .

i do have to share that i'm a lil shattered,cause i lost a 2 g usb stick yesterday..somewhere...kanwal shops i think..i heard something fall , i looked ,but didnt see anything.when i got home i hunted high and low ,and i cant seem to find it .disappointed !

i was wondering if you could please pay a visit ot my friend Georgia ,who has started blogging and is sharing some art ...awesome work for a 16 year old...please pay here a visit and leave a comment ..we all love a little encouragement .


binrow said...

Still lovin those market pics, god I just want to go back right NOW!!
I have looked all over the car for the girls scarfs but no luck, Sorry!!


Melissa said...

Completely awesome art work god I just never tire of seeing your scrapping!

Ali said...

mmm i love those market pics- that coloured chandelier is beautiful, and all the other goodies are gorgeous! love the '12 months' LO- beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa, I remember you well... you look exactly the same: haven't aged a bit! Good on ya girl! Love the pictures here and your girls look lovely. Say gidday to Paul. I'm worried about Mike Spy.... his memory is shocking. Worse than mine.

Never mind. All the best to you and your family. Keep Rockin'!

Craig B