Saturday, May 10, 2008

day 299...omg nearly to 300
so we have had a busy sat.
this morning Asti had her first reconciliation
that we atteneded at church..
then we had to drop her to her go to netball..
home for paul,evy and i ,a lil housework ,
then we went out to a cafe together for lucnh...
vegie burger for me yum yum..
home to get some pics printed.
a lil scrapping
then paul and evy were out skating together so
i went to take some shots some to share
home again..back to church for the pentagost
evy had a laturgical(?) movement to do (gee we are holy this weekend).
home via my mums place
then coles
dinner ,
and wash up..
finished my layout ,now its time to upload that daily self portrait pic again
here goes ,day 299

what did you get up too today?

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Tracey said...

Love your photos there great. How amazing not many photos to go now to you reach the end.