Tuesday, May 20, 2008

day 307
howdy folks...well im almost back to normal after our trip to Qld...i seem to have a dose of larangitise(sp?) so im a bit croaky at the moment...too much talking over the weekend i expect!
heres a few more pieces from my weekend adventure.
this ones a product challenge ,which i love...thanks vix for organizing this good stuff.
when at the retreat i did a quick paint tutorial,
this was the result of using the painted heart...
ummm this one below is not wanting to co operate with me,
its for miss crop..heidi

i made this for vonie,the kids stayed with her this weekend

self portrait of the day 307


Ali said...

wow i love the red and black skull mini book(?)- so cute!! i love it! looks like u had a ball in qld!! xx ali

parkergal17 said...

WOW I just love your work and stalking your blog. Great to see you "back" :)