Monday, December 31, 2007

day 171 ..
the last day of 2007
wishing you all a wonderful new year
and a very safe summer holidays
Pams around the share this evening and scrap ,
we have some special plans tomorrow ..hehehe
stay tuned!
yippee it 12 minutes till next year
cheers to you all.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

day 170
howdy cyber surfers..
whats your day been like ??
as you can see i finally finished my canvas of my lil mermaid
heres a few pix.

so the kids had there boards painted white again yesterday ,
asti was chomping at the bit to get to them..
so it was PJ painting this morning..
heres the results

asti's art

astirid's board

evy's board

and if you are an SM forum friend you may have seen this thread
,well im a romantic at heart so how could i not say
ok to caras request of displaying the words
to help with her anniversary pressie...
heres my to see other involved in this one

evy helps out

and this one for you jodie
can you believe we are only a day away from a new year ?

Saturday, December 29, 2007

DAY 169.
swimming ,creating,cooking,cleaning
a summer day at our house
this is last nights finished piece..
im loving this technique ,using texture paste
,paint and tissue paper
my mum arrived this morning with this
gingerbread house,left over from christmas
the kids wasted no time in ripping into it...
yummm i love gingerbread
every holiday period our paint boards get a fresh coat of paint..
the kids each get a board to create on and its so
awesome watching what they create...
ill keep you posted

i really love this shot...the light ,the line ,i like it

so this is what im working on at the moment,
and im excited,so excited
another peek
how's the tail...omg i made that ..
ive had these pics for ages..with an idea in mind and i cant
believe its coming together...
sleepy BOO ...
yep her name is officially
self portrait pic of the day ....169

all of todays pics are taken on

P function in natural light on a 200 iso

my portrait pic is edited using hp program with a soft glow setting

Friday, December 28, 2007

day 168...i think
yep ive been playing with the editing buttons again...
ive been using the hightlights in my hp program
im experimenting!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

DAY 167
ive had a sleepy day today dozing on and off.
i had been out,but the warmer weather really canes me and,
especially after a few days busy going here and there...
so this afternoon,we headed off to mums for a swim...
and to test out uncle brians new present a water viewer..
the kids are having a blast with it and its looking fab for photo shoots also
underwater Evy
underwater Astrid
boo's been exploring today,of course she even
came to nans while the girls had a swim
and now a few layouts to get some mojo slowly back
i did these today

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

day 166 we've been at my mums today for lunch,
a swim and pressies with my brother..
here's some pics to share
asti jumps in..
my sweet nephew Ryan

beware of children carrying water pistols
especially this child robert ..see i didnt use the undi shot...
you can pay me later rob
asti and boo having a quiet moment
my mum barb ,and her grandkids im seeing double
todays name for our new addition is ...
my s.i.l Carla and my nephews robert and ryan
the cousins

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

i'm 165
a few shots from today..
the kids have new pet
a kitty cat,still yet to be named
we spent the day with pauls brother
the headed to the cementry to visit with mimi
the kids a are super excited about the new addition,
and havent left the poor kitty along for more that a few minutes
cat in a hat

evy's first pressie from mum and dad

tidying mimi's and poppy pat's headstone
smiling evy
smitten with the kitten
so much fun

sleep a wonderful peaceful sleep,dream of a bright new day..