Tuesday, December 11, 2007

DAY 151
HELLLLO there friends in cyber world...
how are we today ,tomorrow,which will be today tomorrow!!
ohhpss i need some sleep i think..
so folks ,are you smelling the roses everyday?
do you appreciate the simple things in your life...
yes ali,this ones for you chicka dee
my a5 cj entry the became a bit of a 'piece' in itself .
hope you like it..its a splash of my life..another 'wall of photos type layout'
there i go going over the top again!
my photos of the day feature miss astrid and miss evy.
enjoy your cyber surfing
thanks so much for dropping by

these pages (above) flip up to reveal ....da daaaaaaa
da journalling
click on the pic to read

and of course....more pics.....see "wall of photos"
would you consider this overkill?????
sunshine and love happy scrappers xxxxx


tracey said...

wow how cool are all the shots you've been getting - better still all those layouts - i still have not worked out your secret on how to just get the layout done so fast -- but whatever itis can u share - please...

miasmummy said...

WOW!!! What can I say, that is simply gorgeous, can't wait to see it IRL!!!! YOur daily pics are fab too!!! Have a great day babe, you've just made mine!!!!! xxx

karen e said...

WOW that is sensational...LOVE IT!!

RubyRox said...

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW...... TRULY incredible witchy! i CNAT wait to see it and tounch it and show everyone who comes over :P
Love those photos they are SUPER!!

purplecrazymum said...

33 - I was right!

It's an awesome LO!! I sooo love your work!!