Tuesday, December 18, 2007

day 158
hi there cyber freaks..
heres a few pics from my day.
firstly finishing off xmas pressies for the teachers...
one for each of the kids teachers...
a collins 2008diary especially for them

this is Evy and Madi,one of Evy's besties
my pic of the day...aaawwwwww aint i cute...blah!
asti ,with Riley(australian ranked barefoot water ski-er,ages 9,and gorgeous brit...the umpa loompas
some of the cast from todays production of
the year 3s end of year play was sooooooo good....
great work kids ..!!!!!!!!!!]
and lastly...i love being a teacher...the end of year gifts are awesome.....
thanks to christie and the handsome Master L for their yumo gift..
we each got one of these....yumyumytummmmmmm
oh and the giant toblerone is at work ,we are working our way thru it this week....


Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhh the girls look cute as.. and watch out for pimples from eating all that chocie xxxx

I don't like that movie now that darn song is in my head already (thats why I don't like it) that song just jumps into my mind on mention of the show YUCK!!!!!

RubyRox said...

OHH i didnt know you were a teacher?? :)
The kids are so CUTE!!!
i LOVE their outfits! I SO wanna wear it to the local shops :P
LOVE the new LO and photo =]

Donna said...

Hey Witchy - I would do anythign to get my hands on that box of choccies atm - it's been a good day at least since I've splurged...MMMMmmmmmm you lucky thing! Those journals are looking great too btw - the teachers will be stoked with those. I WONDER what else you'll come up with this week????

tracey said...

OMG - you have been busy and there will be no stopping you this week cause there are only 3 more days left and a heap more things to get through on your oversized list - lol....I hope you have totally loved your pressies from the kidlets - so lucky - and don't burn yourself out ... take it easy and get plenty of scrappy rest...hahahaha ..mwah

Jodie said...

oh i wish i saw that play, thats one of my all time faves, i have both original and new version on dvd, as much as i love johnny, the first is always better!!

mmmm enjoy your choccies!!


Nicole said...

mmmm, chocolate my most favourite thing. you've now given me another reason to become a teacher. LOL. Sorry I've been absent around here lately, but life is just flat out, amazing how hectic every thing becomes leading up to Christmas. LOVING all your masterpieces. you are a complete inspiration, love it, love it all. I think you rock.


lil witch said...

the play was awesome
love the pic