Wednesday, December 19, 2007

day 159...
its been another busy busy day
work ,then belly dancing/christmas hafla(party)
then running around organizing my kids to stay at friends
then its off to the local playcentre for the
work christmas party for our littlies
i cant really share any of the 250 pics of the kids,for confidentiality reasons ,
but i did get this flash in the jumping castle
i think its worthy of a blog post,what do ya reakon?
this is one of our mums...a reader of my blog..
and she wanted a pic of the day like me..
.so here it is,,your a kack christie
i just wanted to say a big thanks to jordan and simone
who flew in from melbourne for our event,
and to marley,jade and family who also flew ,
but from WA to attend our party,,,we miss you both
so much ,and we are so happy you could join us ...
i have some lovely pics of you for mummy and daddy....
and lastly a group shot of the kids belly dancing troupe..
and their scrapped christmas pressies from miss kazzra.
we soooo love them kazzzzz,you rock


Christie said...

Gee Wizz I'm Just so darn cute. Sometimes just thinking about how ugly some peoples photos are makes me cry. Kind of like you and your photos. Whats the word for it .....oh SHITHOUSE.

Michelle Jamieson said...

Wow...haven't you been busy??

Have a great Christmas and New Year, and enjoy your break!

Chelle Xx

scrapwitch said...