Sunday, December 09, 2007

day 149
we've been a shopping
Astrid has a christmas craft day tomorrow at school ,
so she dragged me to the shops today,to grab a santa hat
(im sure there are 3 around here somewhere)
and we ended up with this ,she couldnt wait to take off the tags ,
and insisted on a pic asap.
ho ho ho
the countdown is on
ive got the day off tomorrow ,to wind up all my loose ends for christmas.
i never really start shopping until after my birthday,and i cant shop thru the year
because im hopeless at keeping pressies,i have to give them straight away.
a layout of my mum,she is just so fabulous ,i think she just rocks.
my photo of the day..i did another layout ,for ready set scrap ,and a cj ,
but we had an electrical storm tonight,a blackout ,
and i finished the layout in the dark...
so no pics of those till tomorrow
we went out with Barb and Al, as a belated birthday dinner.
perfect timing with the blackout
it was yummo chinese at the silver moon..
hope you all had a fab weekend


Pamela said...

You lucky girl did you get your honey king prawns?

I think you mum rocks too she is mega kind like you.

PS Where did you find that cool hat and apron?

kayla renee macaulay said...

that is a beautiful pic of your mum
and astrid looks so funky
i tried that hat on the other!


Michelle Jamieson said...

Super cool outfit for Asti!!
I bet she was a hit today!

Love the layout of your Mum...very nice!!

Chelle Xx

Jodie said...

hey astrid (if you read your mums blog) i think your awesome, and haha you have the most zany amazing choices in things, you rock!!

and witchy your awesome, love those layouts this one and the one from today.
u rock.