Monday, December 24, 2007

day 164
yippee, santa claus is coming to town
ive had a fab relaxed day ,while my crew went out and finished their shopping.
then this evening we attended mass at Miss MNM and Mr P's place..the service was performed by M's uncle Father Bill(a missionary from PNG)who has now retired .
it was a wonderful service ,with the M's and my children taking part as alter children and readers..i must say ,they were the most comfortable pews ive ever sat on,and it definetly beat standing at church (cause you can never get a seat on christmas eve,or christmas day.)
here's asti with a bubble she made with that
rubbery stuff you get at socreates(?)
i use to get this stuff from my nan as a kid,
but the tubes were half the size
here is father bill

Tim's reading for tonights service
the alter set up in M's lounge room.
so folks have a super fun chrissy eve and ,

you all best go to bed early,so santa can work his magic ..........see you soon...hohohhhoooo

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Michelle Jamieson said...

Have a great day tomorrow on Christmas Day...Lisa, Paul, Evy and Asti! I hope Santa finds you all later tonight!

Chelle Xx