Thursday, December 27, 2007

DAY 167
ive had a sleepy day today dozing on and off.
i had been out,but the warmer weather really canes me and,
especially after a few days busy going here and there...
so this afternoon,we headed off to mums for a swim...
and to test out uncle brians new present a water viewer..
the kids are having a blast with it and its looking fab for photo shoots also
underwater Evy
underwater Astrid
boo's been exploring today,of course she even
came to nans while the girls had a swim
and now a few layouts to get some mojo slowly back
i did these today


jodie said...

hehe, i have told anabelle and sui there is a new face on the block and a new contender for the cutest kitty in nsw title, so they better watch out hehe...your little boo is melting my heart, that little face, and the fur looks so soft.
so is that the chosen name? i think boo is cute. reminds me of monsters inc :D


lil witcth said...

yeah it is so cute
it reminds me of monsters inc too

Pamela said...

How cute is your cat...... Great name too.

Alice said...

oh wow love these pages Witch!!!! love all the red!

And your kitty is the sweetest lil thing!!! how lucky you are!