Thursday, December 06, 2007

DAY 146
um i a tad late again,pauls been hogging da puta .
here's a clipping that paul found today ,at his mums.
from some 26 years ago,1981..i had to scan it before
the print disappears all together,
any hints on giving it clarity would be appreciated.
but i thought id share it with you folks .
while web surfing ,as you do ..i stumbled across this
hinke has posted a template on her blog for you to download
i was so inspired i had to give it a crack..
how cool are easy and oh so cute .

have a fun evening folks ,see you tomorrow :)


Donna said...

I love todays pic witchy - sooo nice! You're such a good gal to be still doing the challenge! Hope you're having a blast this week.

Melissa said...

OMG I LOVE that card lisa...awesome!

binrow said...

Love your pics witchy and that cute spiral tree, I think it could be something that me and Erin can do while shes at home.


Margot said...

im having trouble finding the template for the christmas tree (on the german website) which looks awesome. I'd really like to give it a go but im hoping there is something i can print off and trace. can you help me?

I stumbled on your blog when i clicked your link at the bottom of a scrapbooking memories post while i was searching google for noodle box templates! I'm glad i clicked it, you have a great blog!