Sunday, December 02, 2007

day 142
thanks for dropping by..been terribly flat this weekend..
so today i had to devote so time to me and the kids.
dads out with them now at the beach for an afternoon
swim while i finish the mundane chores and get ready for dinner.
funny ive done a few things but my daily pic (which i love)needed to be
done and wanted to upload these early for change .
today the gilrs and i did a challenge on sm and heres the results


and asti's
a layout from last night
a challenge cards
hope you all had an interseting weekend .
lets get ready for the week ahead .blah
3 weeks till holidays .....yay!


Michelle Jamieson said... had a creative weekend, and you ARE early posting. What's going on with that?? Not like you!

Lovin' yours and the girls layouts...such fab young scrappers!!

Have a great week, Witchy!! :)

Chelle Xx

binrow said...

Great work girls!!
I myself only had time for I layout this weekend but thats ok!!


Jodie said...

witchy, asti and evy love those pages, wow does creativity flow well in this family or what!!!

love them all.


Pamela said...

Thanks for listening for when a girl needs to get it all out!!

I love the shot too. Green is a great colour for you!

No layouts here! The girls pages look lovely and I dig your your orange one!

Have a great week! xo

virginiaw said...

Creativity at its best.This weekend must have been a hoot.Loving the work you girls are doing..Still waiting for the candle photos???
Have a great week..

Melissa said...

Awesome work gorgeous girls!
Such talent!!!
Go girls!