Monday, December 17, 2007

day 157
and im super early..we have pauls christmas party tonight,
im still working on my portfolios.
so i dont know when ill get time to upload today,so im doing it early...
a couple of layouts and some xmas pressies too....
have a fab day

for one of evys besties
for miss K's little sister Miss B
for evy's teacher ,miss baker, a calander for next year


binrow said...

Man I haved missed hangin out here!! My Mum come to visit last week and she drained all the life, had to switch off.
Your work has breathed new life into me, especially the curls layout its gorgeous!!

Take care and HUGZ

RubyRox said...

You never Cease to amaze me witchy! INCREDIBLE work here!! FANTASTIC!! :D