Saturday, December 29, 2007

DAY 169.
swimming ,creating,cooking,cleaning
a summer day at our house
this is last nights finished piece..
im loving this technique ,using texture paste
,paint and tissue paper
my mum arrived this morning with this
gingerbread house,left over from christmas
the kids wasted no time in ripping into it...
yummm i love gingerbread
every holiday period our paint boards get a fresh coat of paint..
the kids each get a board to create on and its so
awesome watching what they create...
ill keep you posted

i really love this shot...the light ,the line ,i like it

so this is what im working on at the moment,
and im excited,so excited
another peek
how's the tail...omg i made that ..
ive had these pics for ages..with an idea in mind and i cant
believe its coming together...
sleepy BOO ...
yep her name is officially
self portrait pic of the day ....169

all of todays pics are taken on

P function in natural light on a 200 iso

my portrait pic is edited using hp program with a soft glow setting


jodie said...

ohhhhhh WITCH i cannot WAIT TO SEE THOSE FINISHED, when i saw them first without reading i thought the pics were of the girls dressed as mermaids in the water, then read u added them and looked better, an wow, cant wait. the colors are amazing.

little boo melts my heart every day.

i think along with your 365 you need to add one of boo each day, pretty please? :D


Donna said...

Hey - I agree with Jodes - I need to call you me thinks and get the 'how - to' as I'd love to try that technique myself. Hey - sorry haven't stopped by in a while - am on dial up now and its SO SLOW aaagh! But really loved seeing all your christmassy photos - I just love this time of the year and it seems you had such a fun happy time with all your mob. I am so going to enjoy this challenge too - and so glad you're in.

Michelle Jamieson said...

Love your latest...and wowsers with what you've working on with the girls as mermaids...Love that!

Yummo...the Gingerbread house looks so delish!!

Little Boo is just gorgeous...give him a big cuddle from me! :)

Chelle Xx

tracey said...

okes i have to laugh about the line of your photo - you perve - it was all bout pauls butt wasn't it??? lol

love your {canvasses??} of the girls- my miss chicken will be at me to make one of her when she sees your awesome work.

Unlike donski i haven't got dial up but have just been plain ol slack on logging onto blogger to leave a comment - i love checking in to see your daily pic - and its a mighty fine one today - catch u soon -- will have to have a talk too bout what you are seeking regarding a post you made on me blog - have a fabbo new years celebration if i don't chat with you before hand...mwah.