Wednesday, December 26, 2007

day 166 we've been at my mums today for lunch,
a swim and pressies with my brother..
here's some pics to share
asti jumps in..
my sweet nephew Ryan

beware of children carrying water pistols
especially this child robert ..see i didnt use the undi shot...
you can pay me later rob
asti and boo having a quiet moment
my mum barb ,and her grandkids im seeing double
todays name for our new addition is ...
my s.i.l Carla and my nephews robert and ryan
the cousins


Anonymous said...

hi aunti Lisa, Its robert.

thanks 4 not putting the undi shot on

how do i pay you
my is

Jodie said...

hehe awww ur nephew is so cute.
glad u didnt use the "undie shot" ur talking about :P

you know what i love, that the little "boo" is in nearly every pic, that cat is getting lots of love and cuddles already!!! what a cutie.