Thursday, December 13, 2007

firstly a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this very special person
my dear friend,connected spirit and sagittarian brother
ERICO ....i wish i was there to share your day my friend ..
by our hearts are with you friend...
ring you later for a chat.

day 153

howdy there cyber surfers...ive been out to dinner this

evening with my wonderful work friends.

yep its christmas party time .we missed you deb and jaz...
get well chicka dee's .
can you tell where we went to dinner folks ,
by the dessert??
look what we got from our boss for christmas...
the most devine set of

Oliver Weber Crystal Set Earrings
these beautiful silver earrings, set with Swarovski crystal,
are soooo devine..i'm over the moon..MNM you have such fab taste ,i love them
the pic below shows a set ,but ours have another line of crystals in the inside as well,,
omg they are the bestest wearable bling ever....
thanks so much M and mr P ,you guys rock...i sooooo love them,

we so love them..Miss K and Miss Amy,sporting their new christmas pressy

MNM and myself....mwah M you rock, everyone needs a boss like M

1 comment:

Donna said...

Absolutely - what a great lady - she knows how to treat her staff - great pressie and i bet it was well deserving of you all too. btw - love yesterdays piccy!