Sunday, December 30, 2007

day 170
howdy cyber surfers..
whats your day been like ??
as you can see i finally finished my canvas of my lil mermaid
heres a few pix.

so the kids had there boards painted white again yesterday ,
asti was chomping at the bit to get to them..
so it was PJ painting this morning..
heres the results

asti's art

astirid's board

evy's board

and if you are an SM forum friend you may have seen this thread
,well im a romantic at heart so how could i not say
ok to caras request of displaying the words
to help with her anniversary pressie...
heres my to see other involved in this one

evy helps out

and this one for you jodie
can you believe we are only a day away from a new year ?


Jodie said...

awwwww so damn cute.
thanks witch hehe!!

and as i said on sis THAT CANVAS IS bloody amazing!!!!!!!
best piece ever i think, sub sub!!!!


Donna said...

Another beautiful self portrait - I love seeing these! Hey - what's the white boards - are they on your back fence? Do you just gesso over them all the time? Sounds like a fantastic idea for the kids. OH OH oH - your mermaid lo - stunning. I must get the technique off you too - the green background in your last post - too yummy!

Pamela said...

way to go girls with your lovely art........

Cara loves Jeremy that is such a cool thing to do.

Asti isn't it great to be a mermaid in the ocean and have your super talented mum scrap it for you.

See you tonight girls (I won't pull out this time)

Hugs Pam

kiwi said...

You are right witch i am not that new! pretty old actually but my art keeps me young at heart. I love to play think it goes along with being a sagittarius.

Just have to say i love the way you use colour. your work brightens my day!!

Michelle Jamieson said...

Gorgeous artwork, girls!! Must get that from your talented Mum!!

Witch...that canvas is just divine. Totally lovin' that!!

Happy New Year...Chat to you in 2008!!

Chelle Xx

Anonymous said...

She definately needs to sub it, just as Jodie says... I saw it today in person and im in awe.
You got talet girl... Flaunt it!