Wednesday, July 01, 2009

ok ...i am alive and well..
im having some major computer issues ..
a hard drive crash
and im sad to say that Ive basically lost ever photo that
I've taken for the last 5 yrs .:(
and that's after buying a a huge
external hard drive and moved everything over ...
and now its now where to be found ...
(Zane my f drive has disappeared)
im still hopeful that some computer wizard
some where can work there magic and find my beloved pics.....
but my pics from Adelaide are gone (Sonja-fingers crossed)
before uploading any on to my blog :(
lucky i have my blog bucket in picassa i can grab some from there
and face book has a few pics
but very few are full size

and ...... all my documents
:( :( ;(
and my printer is offline .
so my layout uploading is suffering

.. on a brighter note
thanks to those in Adelaide who made
my time there something spec.
Louise ...i adore catching up with you .
and it was super to see your amazing creative space irl.
i came home and looked at my scrap stash..
and started to cry laughing ....heehheheee.
im coming back
Ali i did fly of course .
.but didn't hit Adelaide airport until 8.30pm on Friday