Wednesday, July 01, 2009

ok ...i am alive and well..
im having some major computer issues ..
a hard drive crash
and im sad to say that Ive basically lost ever photo that
I've taken for the last 5 yrs .:(
and that's after buying a a huge
external hard drive and moved everything over ...
and now its now where to be found ...
(Zane my f drive has disappeared)
im still hopeful that some computer wizard
some where can work there magic and find my beloved pics.....
but my pics from Adelaide are gone (Sonja-fingers crossed)
before uploading any on to my blog :(
lucky i have my blog bucket in picassa i can grab some from there
and face book has a few pics
but very few are full size

and ...... all my documents
:( :( ;(
and my printer is offline .
so my layout uploading is suffering

.. on a brighter note
thanks to those in Adelaide who made
my time there something spec.
Louise ...i adore catching up with you .
and it was super to see your amazing creative space irl.
i came home and looked at my scrap stash..
and started to cry laughing ....heehheheee.
im coming back
Ali i did fly of course .
.but didn't hit Adelaide airport until 8.30pm on Friday


miasmummy said...

How devastating about your computer... I feel like crying for you...I was lon ggone from Adelaide by the time you were there..wouldhave been nice to say hello...hopefully you can find a computer whiz... xx

naomi said...

Hey Lisa,
so sorry to hear about the computer it must be the week for it cause mine died in the proverbial last week and am now trying to recover data...
as if I have time for that as I am sure you are in the same boat.... take care lovely
love naomi x

Maxine said...

That is an terrible feeling I know. I did that too. Don't loose hope thought as they are recoverable.

My husband is an IT nerd and managed to get back all of mine. He also helped a friend of mine recover 10 years worth of pictures and documents recently when her hard drive died.

So know it is possible and not all is lost.

steph devlin said...

I was so looking forward to seeing you sob sob, just wasn't meant to be. Anyhow so glad you had a super time hon with Louise, maybe next time hey ? !
Miss your creations need some inspiration as my mojo has gone holidaying overseas. I have sent out a search party for it, but not having any luck !!!

Love ya.
Steph xo

Ruby Claire said...

Lisa!! I hope you managed to find the hard drive! How fustrating! All of your good ones must be on Picasa though, right? Cause you uploaded them to your blogger?
Man I hope you can get the printer back online too!! I am suffering from scrapwitch withdrawels.. hehe
Also. Holidays in a week! yay!
Would you like to get together?
Hope you and the fam are well!

Melissa said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Not the photos!! OMG Lisa...I'm feeling for you babe! Hope someone can retrieve them somehow!!
Melis XX

chrisw said...

oh no Lisa,thats terrible!!Don't know what to say,oh i hope someone can find it in your computer hidden somewhere!!
Oh on a cheerier note,i have a little award on my blog for you!

Alice said...

Oh no witchy that is just the worst!! :o
Best of luck retrieving your photos!
Definately take your PC and hardrive to a shop and see what they can do!

chrisw said...

hey gorgeous girl,the retreat at debz is august 14 are you coming???hope so!!

Ms Zane said...

OMG OMG OMG - what happenede?????? It was all backed up over there??? Email me and tell me exactly what happened and what happens when you try and see F???? I was thinking abouyt you this last few days - I wondered why!!!! Sending love and hugs and let me know what you see and I will try and help from here??!!

Miss you scrap sister xoxoox

Ms Zane said...

where are you?????? mwah

Anonymous said...

I had that SAME problem and my wonderful son was able to switch a piece here and there and VOILA!!! Have faith and find yourself a young techie kid, lol! Gina
ps...never under estimate the power of a computer nurd ;)

Donna Heart said...

witchy - i'm missing cyber space without you - hope you're ok, x don