Tuesday, July 31, 2007

day 21
todays pic was taken at work
playing with the mirror and camera
lent itself to rather interesting results...
and my child with attitude.
EVY, is the princess of tude....
maybe i best get those hambly
crown rubs out and crown
her royal highness ...lol

Monday, July 30, 2007

ok folks
day 20
this one was taken by scrapgoddess
playing with the new toy
this is baby chasye rainbows..
when she was born.
she is about 19 weeks now
mum just loves this pic, and printed it to show me .
so i just had to do something with it .
she is such a smiley beautiful baby
and of course one from me
with some pics 0f the kids taken on saturday
the skull and crossbones comes from a tshirt
that paul was given on his birthday.
it wasn't in the house 5 minutes
before it hit the flatbed scanner

Sunday, July 29, 2007

look at my gorgeous girls..
growing into little women.
im so proud of these two little people

day 19
of the 365 day photo challenge
another taken by asti
the kids are literaly fighting over who takes the next photo..
we had a quite day today visiting pauls elderly mother ,
spending time with her is fab for the kids..
evy had a skateboard party to go to ,so it was just asti and i today
..paul was out for a 'HYBRID SLALOM SKATE' at san remo.
so after doing a little house work and running around,
it was fab to just come home and get toasty and warm.
.trying to get to the scrap table ,but i'm just finding my motivation a little stagnant
..been donig all those swaps ,just to get them done,
and now im feeling a little flat.
hope you all had a fabo weekend folks..
love to hear what you got up too..
and i'd love to hear from all my international visitors..
if you leave me a message ,
ill send you a little RAK.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

DAY 18
i have a new camera
canon 400D,
im being booted of the computer and ill be back later..
heres my pic taken by asti on the new camera
DAY 17
todays photo may be a little late.
but ive just got home from scrapnight and it's the first chance i've had to upload.
so even though the time reads wrong on this blog..
i'm technically only 117mins late.
tonight i meet LOZCON from the SM forum...
what treat it was to catch up to her after chatting online for so long and not meeting before this...
she drove herself down from tenabit(sp )near maitland to our little seaside town and scrapped like a pro...mate you should see her scrapjacked stamp layout ..
ITS SO AWESOME.she is one fabulouso scrapper,i do hope we didnt scare her too much..
thanks so much LOZ for making the trip..it was a hoot...
.hope the hour drive home wasnt too bad...
you'll have to do the scrap sleep over next time
heres the pic to prove it ..
in this pic is L-R
scrapgoddess,Lozcon,me and webbgod
or leanne,lauren,lisa and pamela.
leanne sorry i couldn't join the table of leannes tonight
(what a kak that was.)
cant wait to catch up again loz..
oh now im 122 minute late ..hehheee

Thursday, July 26, 2007

..................................DAY 16...................................
one from work..taken by 5 year old ANGUS
i can see donna and mel,
i see jodie and ,pam,tracey,nicole ,lucy and chelle
,there's maz ,julie,and robyn.louise is here too
and i see all the way over in the usa ..madame cupcake as well.
oh hi pip i see you too..thanks for calling by today ..i love to see your smiling faces.
and thanks to those who leave me a message

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

i scrapjacked this stamped paper idea from
one totally awesome scrapper from SIS

this one is for Pams scrap shop..
so i suppose i'm on a d.t...lol
i really love funny cliche titles..

WAS TAKEN IN THE CAR (in the rear view mirror)
i like it

Tuesday, July 24, 2007




Monday, July 23, 2007


MY FAV WITCHY NUMBER.been to work,feeling a bit flat .this weekend,amongst the hussle and bussle .i have finished mels sketch book,the july photo swap and cazfuns cj for scrapperdi's 07 cj swapnot as much as i'd hoped.,but better than nothing will try my darndest to get thru the rest this week,send me some vibes people ..im in need of some inspiration

Sunday, July 22, 2007

to my dear friends on the day of their engagement

DAY 12
just returned from an engagement party in Mosman
it was so lovely to catch up with them...
its just been way too long.
im just so happy Lanae has found a man ,who is kind and
connected to the things that are important to her.
so this is my day 12 photo..taken by Charlie 2.5years
at the party today..wow he did a great job.
hp fans..im into it,
but in not rushing thru it.50-60 pages a day
i just want it to last for ever..i cant believe its the last book
who values what a truely amazing person she is...
i love ya babe...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

DAY 11
..went out early this mornig and picked up my HP7 novel.
had a pile of running around to do this mornig..
but just churned thru 6 chapters
have to drop it now and head out again...i think i need glasses..

Friday, July 20, 2007

DAY 10
eeeeeeeeeeeckkkkkkk dont i look a little freaky
I DO hope to get some cj's and swaps done this weekend.
we have an engagement party to attend in Mosman ,Sydney
on sunday for LANAE & LUKE.
i have a grand total of 3 sketch layout cj's
one scrapwitches cj'(mel's)
1 di's cj swap07 (cazfuns)
2 LSBS 2008calendar swap
2 everybodies different cj's just arrived after been lost for about 1 year..(not happy)
deanniequeens photos for the july photo swap
and im sure there is something else as well..
plus of course i havent finished my colour album
and there's always a page to do..
what am i doing on this computer..
oh ..day 10 photos..
355 to go

Thursday, July 19, 2007

..a long day at work and home to get ready for another tomorrow....
my finger is mending nicely now and the bandage is off
hopefully by the end of this week all will be well...sort of..
to prove that im mending ..i threw this one together last night....
what do you think folks?
do you like cool t-shirts too?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

why does my blog dates read wrong????i dont know..
well this is day 8 and my finger is on the mend..woohoo
i'll be scrapping in no time..may even have a little play tonight.
crazymum you were right.
i cant keep away from those gorgeous supplies

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

i've been tagged..again....by melissa ,and kellie and a few more ppl too..

here i go
Four of my favourite jobs -
1. working with kids..anywhere..so much fun to be with,i worked as a au-pair/nanny and travelled the world,staying in wonderful opulant family homes and living in europe..i would go back to it tomorrow if i could
2. working at warner brothers/bmg records..this job was sooooo cooool,meeting heaps of interesting people,musicians etc,every week,staff could choose the album of their choice to take home and keep..my record collection grew so big..i got heaps of double and triple albums
3. scrap work....
a few years ago goddess and i were asked to part own a lss,which we happily joined..with a no money outlay...just creative outlay
i worked for nothing ,but got heaps of product..the other owners became pregnant,so we basically took over
4.my current job is awesome...i'm about 1.5klm from work..i job share in different roles(teaching/cooking)i love my work buddies and im excited to go to work..even on my 10hr shift days
Four of my favourite local places
1. norah head lighthouse
2. glebe/paddington markets, sydney
3.anywhere i'm scrapping with pam or leanne or zane
4. home
Four of my favourite foods
1. thai hot and spicy soup
2.cajan chicken
3. pauls vege pie
4.chocolate brownies or cabury breakaway
Four of my favourite places in the world,which i have visited
1. sydney
2. stockholm,sweden
3. london,especially the soho and carnaby st areas
4. the gorgeous island of KAUAI in hawaii...a stunningly breathtaking place to see...
morning folks...welcome to day 7 ...
yay i made it thru the first week
wanted to get this one in early,before work..
hope you all have a super fab day..
mine just has to be a better day than yesterday..
it just has too!!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

ouch i cut my finger,sliced the nail clean off,with a bit extra underneath..
i wont go into detail ,but it freakin hurts and im not happy...
will see how scrapping will go , one less finger.
before my unfortunate accident i created these 2 pieces.....
what do you think...???????

Sunday, July 15, 2007


finally my buddy Lisa and i did our regular event of attending
Harry Potter in the first week.
we had pre-booked our tickets weeks ago ,
so todays been a bit of a countdown for the kids and i..
plus txt messages from lisa every few days ..
this Harry Potter fan,was so happy with this movie..
and i've been waiting to see how it would translate to the big Screen..awesome ,a little edgy and darker,the pace was good and the characters fabo.~hermoine over acting again,but she is much better than in HP4(just breathe hermoine).
evy kept reaching for my hand ,so for a 10 year old it was a little suspensful..
dolorus umbrigdes character is painfully pink and a dictator with a smile and a giggle,
we meet hagrids brother ,see more magical creatures,
and i do have to mention how unreal gary oldman..olman(?)is ,who plays sirius black .i love seeing his characters(his fifth element looney is unreal)he is amazing,unfortunately his character in HP5 is way to short...and his time with harry even shorter..boo hoo
and LUNA LOVEGOOD ,what a wonderful character she is..the actress playing her gives her a magical essence.i just loved this character...soooo marvelous....and harrys growing,his emotions so torn ..daniel radcliff does a spendid job as the brooding teen confused about whats going on within him and around him...i could go on and on and on...but hey go and see the movie
and see for your self ,then you can tell me what you think of it....
bring on harry 7 ill be at the bookshop at midnight with lisa,
then it will be no scrapping for a week or 2 while i'm ingulfed in the
magical ,amazing world of HARRY POTTER......................
for the final time...oh thats a sad thing..
thank goodess for places like this
oh and theres a layout too.
to give credit wher credit is due,
i swipped this title from a layout i saw on the fabulous inspirational forum
i dont remember who's layout it was, but i just remember ,how cool that title was..

Saturday, July 14, 2007

day 4 ...
going well..thanks to evy for taking this shot...as she stepped down to give me the camera,she said "thats it i'm going to be a photgrapher".
and i think she could be.

Friday, July 13, 2007

todays pic was taken at work~ten hour shift today blah~
this is teeghans dolly..'BABY',
we were snuggling while 'gavin ' snapped this shot...
day 3 folks...had to boot paul off the computer to upload ..
nearly didnt make it ..time here reads 11.47
time to post

Thursday, July 12, 2007

DAY TWo..365day portrait challenge.....getting arty straight away
i did have a pic taken,,a bit fun, but at work while transfering pics for the day book ,it was deleted...
lucky i found this one...a little different,but a portrait none the less.
photo 1 of the 365 DAY challenge...it sort of reflects how i feel,
"what was i thinking joining a 365 day photo challenge of myself"
but im doing it donna...im loving seeing your pix...anyone else up for the challenge??

ive been visiting a new international forum and getting heaps of amazing inspiration...
the paint thing ,fun titles and carefree layouts(if you want to know where leave me a message)
im finding i'm so much less worried about creating that perfect layout..im having heaps of fun and my freestylin layouts are almost getting there...heres a couple that literally took me 30 min each...can you tell?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

the colour album
page 2 & 3
page one ..of course me and my big head

my skater man..pages 6&7

pages 8&9

pages 4&5

my COLOURFUL LIFE album is coming together so nicely ,

im busting to finish it..still have a little personal journalling to do..
wow folks in real life it looks so lively, lush and de-lovely ...

this paint thing is taking over
all the patterned paper im storing is piling up.
oh well we all evolve a little differently i suppose....

ive painted the chipboard album ,buts its just not as vibrant as id like it to be..
might have to bring in some pp and someof the new QUEEN & CO felt flower ribbon..
so gorgeous and bright.
still have a title to play with and a couple more pages and im finished.
but ...had to share with you folks .

love to hear what you think...??

goodbye vonie...see ya soon
we will miss you heaps..
and cant wait till next time..

Monday, July 09, 2007

what a fun filled busy weekend we have had...
a visit from our favourite family members
the cousins ,
robert and ryan ,came up for a quick visit from sydney,
lunch at mums,yum yum

voine also arrived from sydney on her way back up the coast to QLD,
so its a 2 night sleep over with brother A.J. and mum sandra ...
didnt take long before these 3 were straight into
shaking their bootie to "MY HUMPS "AND" BEAUTIFUL LIAR"..
we still managed to fit in some SLALOM skateboarding at sidonia gardens ...skate hard evy
and between all of this i managed this layout in ,plus another..
but i seem to have misplaced it in my files somewhere....
our visitors are still with us and sandra
,brand new to scrapping has completed 2 layouts
and is starting her mini album as i type.