Saturday, July 28, 2007

DAY 17
todays photo may be a little late.
but ive just got home from scrapnight and it's the first chance i've had to upload.
so even though the time reads wrong on this blog..
i'm technically only 117mins late.
tonight i meet LOZCON from the SM forum...
what treat it was to catch up to her after chatting online for so long and not meeting before this...
she drove herself down from tenabit(sp )near maitland to our little seaside town and scrapped like a pro...mate you should see her scrapjacked stamp layout ..
ITS SO AWESOME.she is one fabulouso scrapper,i do hope we didnt scare her too much..
thanks so much LOZ for making the was a hoot...
.hope the hour drive home wasnt too bad...
you'll have to do the scrap sleep over next time
heres the pic to prove it ..
in this pic is L-R
scrapgoddess,Lozcon,me and webbgod
or leanne,lauren,lisa and pamela.
leanne sorry i couldn't join the table of leannes tonight
(what a kak that was.)
cant wait to catch up again loz..
oh now im 122 minute late ..hehheee


tracey said...

wow girls sounds like too much fun - and no doubt you all would have had a 'hoot' - the company is too outrageous not to... and i bet there are some totally awesome layouts to go with this evening too...seeya tracey

Jodie said...

awesome pic, you all look great.
glad you had a fun night meeting up with each other.

Lauren said...

I had the best night, thanks so much for asking me! I will be there every month for sure. I was buzzing when i got home of inspiration!