Saturday, July 07, 2007

this little angel is just so sweet ..
Astrid puts other first all the time ,she is so kind and caring.
i really do see her angelic qualities shine thru...
she is a blesseing to my family.
this layout was a long time in the making ..
2 years a go the girls played the "angels " in the church nativity christmas eve play,
oh they look so cute.and its taken so long for me to scrap it.i just love this paint thing thats calling me a.t.m...what do ya think ??????


Jodie said...

ahh the paint thing is calling you, and you are responding to its calls in the best way possible.
i am LOVING ur arty work lately witch.
u really are such an inspiration to me :D
i just wish i could paint and not make it look crappy!!!!

and what a cute angel she is!!


Michelle Jamieson said...

Awesome L/O!!

Asti looks georgeous, by the way!:)

You have been tagged! Check my blog for details.

Chelle Xx

Melissa said...

beautiful...looks so divine Lisa... she is the cutest angel!

nikkihelen said...

Gorgeous as always!!! It is amazing how you bring your work to life, but it sure must help to have such beautiful subjects to work with!!

p.s. Caitlin was stoked with your comment on her fairy!!

Julie said...

It looks gorgeous Lisa!!!
The painted background is the perfect lift to the layout.

Nicole said...

Your doing the paint so well. Love your bright and happy pages.

and your angel is just devine.