Wednesday, July 18, 2007

why does my blog dates read wrong????i dont know..
well this is day 8 and my finger is on the mend..woohoo
i'll be scrapping in no time..may even have a little play tonight.
crazymum you were right.
i cant keep away from those gorgeous supplies


Donna said...

Looking forward to the return of Scrapwitch!!! Lovin your pics.

Nicole said...

Love the pic,

You should be able to change the settings (i don't know) somewhere, i did it, just can't remember, great help I am hey


tracey said...

oohhh i do hope that your finger is all better so that you can get yourself geared up to create more masterpieces and if you check the mail there could be a suprise in there for you and your cherubs today -- i hope they like them - have a great day

Anonymous said...

ew you couldn't do it Witchy xx but love your fabo layout that you created while Your totally awesome you know!!!xx