Sunday, July 29, 2007

look at my gorgeous girls..
growing into little women.
im so proud of these two little people

day 19
of the 365 day photo challenge
another taken by asti
the kids are literaly fighting over who takes the next photo..
we had a quite day today visiting pauls elderly mother ,
spending time with her is fab for the kids..
evy had a skateboard party to go to ,so it was just asti and i today
..paul was out for a 'HYBRID SLALOM SKATE' at san remo.
so after doing a little house work and running around,
it was fab to just come home and get toasty and warm.
.trying to get to the scrap table ,but i'm just finding my motivation a little stagnant
..been donig all those swaps ,just to get them done,
and now im feeling a little flat.
hope you all had a fabo weekend folks..
love to hear what you got up too..
and i'd love to hear from all my international visitors..
if you leave me a message ,
ill send you a little RAK.


Anonymous said...

so beautiful lisa! you take such a gorgeous picture!

and your girls - soooo pretty :)

hope your mojo is back with you soon! I love seeing your fab work!


Jodie said...

that is a stunning photo of you witchy!!
id love to scrap a pic of you but i could never do it justice dont think!!!!

and ur girls are just rockin little girls so cool for their age, and so smart and indipendant, they are gunna be awesome daughters for you when their grown up because you seem to have raised them so relaxed and happy.

take care.

tracey said...

how cool, you might have to get yourself another camera so you get a turn lisa -lol. Great work of mastering mums camera girls. Now i am a thinking what papers would go great with that photo of the girls any rock chick types....mmmmm....come on don't let the mojo flit out the window-- u need to throw together a masterpiece in under 25 minutes -- theres the a challenge for you -- lol - you love a good challenge ...look who's talking ...the all day and then some queen of unfinished objects...
have a fun day

miasmummy said...

I love this photo of you Lisa, you look very happy, hope you had a great weekend!!!! Ai xx

Pip said...

Hey, lucky you getting a new camera ... I have the 350D and love it to bits. Eve is such a great name ... a friend of ours just had a baby and named her Eve. Our Evie thinks that the baby was named after her ... I am just going with that. Great to see that you are keeping up with the 365 challenge.

Nicole said...

hows the devinely gorgeous witch going?????

Stunning photo of you, and the girls just seem to radiate beauty.

I'm feeling a bit better, still no scrapping though, which is a mite sad.


take care

Lauren said...

That is an awesome photo Witch, I love it!