Sunday, July 15, 2007


finally my buddy Lisa and i did our regular event of attending
Harry Potter in the first week.
we had pre-booked our tickets weeks ago ,
so todays been a bit of a countdown for the kids and i..
plus txt messages from lisa every few days ..
this Harry Potter fan,was so happy with this movie..
and i've been waiting to see how it would translate to the big Screen..awesome ,a little edgy and darker,the pace was good and the characters fabo.~hermoine over acting again,but she is much better than in HP4(just breathe hermoine).
evy kept reaching for my hand ,so for a 10 year old it was a little suspensful..
dolorus umbrigdes character is painfully pink and a dictator with a smile and a giggle,
we meet hagrids brother ,see more magical creatures,
and i do have to mention how unreal gary oldman..olman(?)is ,who plays sirius black .i love seeing his characters(his fifth element looney is unreal)he is amazing,unfortunately his character in HP5 is way to short...and his time with harry even hoo
and LUNA LOVEGOOD ,what a wonderful character she is..the actress playing her gives her a magical essence.i just loved this character...soooo marvelous....and harrys growing,his emotions so torn ..daniel radcliff does a spendid job as the brooding teen confused about whats going on within him and around him...i could go on and on and on...but hey go and see the movie
and see for your self ,then you can tell me what you think of it....
bring on harry 7 ill be at the bookshop at midnight with lisa,
then it will be no scrapping for a week or 2 while i'm ingulfed in the
magical ,amazing world of HARRY POTTER......................
for the final time...oh thats a sad thing..
thank goodess for places like this
oh and theres a layout too.
to give credit wher credit is due,
i swipped this title from a layout i saw on the fabulous inspirational forum
i dont remember who's layout it was, but i just remember ,how cool that title was..


Michelle Jamieson said...

I haven't seen Harry Potter yet...It's high on the "to do" list!!
Glad you enjoyed it!

Loving your pic challenge...enjoying seeing the many faces of Witch!

Chelle Xx

Donna said...

Oh here here Chelle - I love seeing the many faces too! You have totally whet my tastebuds for this movie - got all the books too - just have to see if Mac can mind Millie for me - I haven't seen a movie in 2 years!!! I think I need to preorder the book as well. Off to take my photo for 2moro - seeya chick!

Anonymous said...

Awesome... pic at the flick Witchy, now must go to see this Movie... And this is a great challenge... faces of the day!!!! :) love to see them scrapped.... and that is a terrific

nikkihelen said...

I saw Harry Potter on Thursday. Hanging out for the book to finally come out, we bought our copy months ago!! Now I will have to just fight Caity for turns to read it!!