Monday, July 23, 2007


MY FAV WITCHY NUMBER.been to work,feeling a bit flat .this weekend,amongst the hussle and bussle .i have finished mels sketch book,the july photo swap and cazfuns cj for scrapperdi's 07 cj swapnot as much as i'd hoped.,but better than nothing will try my darndest to get thru the rest this week,send me some vibes people in need of some inspiration


miasmummy said...

Love this pic of you! I'm thinking I might do that challenge myself, did you and Nicole get the idea from a particular site? Also, how did you attatch your counter on your page? I want one too!!!! xx

Nicole said...

WOW this pic is awesome,
your eyes are just glowing the most gorgeous shade. I want blue eyes too. Damn how did I get a brown eyed girl and a blue eyed boy??
Seems like you got a lot of work done. Haven't scrapped for nearly a week, starting to loose it.


Donna said...

This is a very cool photo Lisa - did you take it? At least you got some scrapping done - I'm struggling with the littlies - never both asleep at the same time, I'm always stuffed and that doesn't make for a good combo.. Anyway - got to dig deep - wanna see some pics of the latest cj's etc?????

binrow said...

If you get any spare could you send it my way!!


Melissa said...

Chin up, relax...then scrap...
You are always the queen of inspiration!!!
Have you done MY CJ???? PEEK pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!LOL!

MadameCupcake said...

are you taking a pic of yourself everyday?? thats so fun!!

thanks for visiting my blog. i'm adding you to my links!! (mostly because you said you were pagan, and i think thats cool! lol)