Thursday, July 12, 2007

photo 1 of the 365 DAY sort of reflects how i feel,
"what was i thinking joining a 365 day photo challenge of myself"
but im doing it loving seeing your pix...anyone else up for the challenge??

ive been visiting a new international forum and getting heaps of amazing inspiration...
the paint thing ,fun titles and carefree layouts(if you want to know where leave me a message)
im finding i'm so much less worried about creating that perfect having heaps of fun and my freestylin layouts are almost getting there...heres a couple that literally took me 30 min each...can you tell?


Donna said...

Girlfriend, you're in a purple patch - for sure! Those two layouts are filled with vitality and life - very cool! Hey, can you email me the link to that site? Sounds like the type of inspiration I'd enjoy. AND - good for you joining the photo challenge - love that pic, what a classic - he he, I fell like that too sometimes - oh s@#t - what have I got myself into!! But I'm enjoying generating lot's of pics to use when needed for layouts. Might even whack them on cards Emily F style and keep as a little journal or something when done - 2007 in photos... I'll check in on you every day now!

Anonymous said...

ohhh what a challenge Witchy,, but no sorry not joining that one!!! but owuld love to know where you get inspritation from :) Love how bright and alive your layouts are...xx:)

Nicole said...

Loving this site, isn't it kickin'. beautiful pages, photos and OMG can't get over some of the magic.

Might have to have a go at these photo's. Now just to remember to take one EVERYDAY!!!!

Your pages are just rokin, but you know that already.

Peace out chicky


Jodie said...

im so joining that challenge of a photo a day.........when i ever get a replacement camera from my friggen brother.

lovin that ur in it witch will check in daily :)

and loving ur work lately!!!