Tuesday, July 10, 2007

the colour album
page 2 & 3
page one ..of course me and my big head

my skater man..pages 6&7

pages 8&9

pages 4&5

my COLOURFUL LIFE album is coming together so nicely ,

im busting to finish it..still have a little personal journalling to do..
wow folks in real life it looks so lively, lush and de-lovely ...

this paint thing is taking over
all the patterned paper im storing is piling up.
oh well we all evolve a little differently i suppose....

ive painted the chipboard album ,buts its just not as vibrant as id like it to be..
might have to bring in some pp and someof the new QUEEN & CO felt flower ribbon..
so gorgeous and bright.
still have a title to play with and a couple more pages and im finished.
but ...had to share with you folks .

love to hear what you think...??


Donna said...

oh Lisa I just want to run my hands over it, sniff it, eat it! It's so gorgeous and I'd be proud of it too. It's the perfect showcase for your family - so full of life and energy! I'm turning green as I speak...btw - there is a medium you can get to mix with your paints to make them more shiny/vibrant - do you use it????

Nicole said...

This is going to be one devine piece of art when you are finished. beautiful memory for your girls


nikkihelen said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!!!
Magnifique!!!!!! This is such a glorious album, you've inspired me again!!