Thursday, July 19, 2007

..a long day at work and home to get ready for another tomorrow....
my finger is mending nicely now and the bandage is off
hopefully by the end of this week all will be well...sort of..
to prove that im mending ..i threw this one together last night....
what do you think folks?
do you like cool t-shirts too?


Louise said...

Yep and the Cooool LO's of them tooo!!!

binrow said...

Hey love cool t's got one today it says I love my attitude problem!!

Love that hair, it should have flowers braided into it chicky.


Donna said...

Hey Lis' yep - very funky layout - did you do the doodling behind - or is that a pp??? If it's a PP - then I love it, and if it's your personalised doodling - it's amazing and you should turn it into a pp!!!!

Knew an old sore finger couldn't keep witchy down for long!

Jodie said...

love cool shirts, love this layout!!

u rock and so does this.


Nicole said...

Love your photo, we must have been on the same wave length, tuning into the sun.

Funky t-shirt lover too.


MadameCupcake said...

ooo i love cool t shirts too! i used to work for hot topic and got tonnnns, but alas, i don't fit into them anymore! lol! thats what happens when you live in sin (love that you said that!! my family is catholic haha) with your boyfriend and get fat and happy!

great LO though!!