Friday, July 20, 2007

DAY 10
eeeeeeeeeeeckkkkkkk dont i look a little freaky
I DO hope to get some cj's and swaps done this weekend.
we have an engagement party to attend in Mosman ,Sydney
on sunday for LANAE & LUKE.
i have a grand total of 3 sketch layout cj's
one scrapwitches cj'(mel's)
1 di's cj swap07 (cazfuns)
2 LSBS 2008calendar swap
2 everybodies different cj's just arrived after been lost for about 1 year..(not happy)
deanniequeens photos for the july photo swap
and im sure there is something else as well..
plus of course i havent finished my colour album
and there's always a page to do..
what am i doing on this computer..
oh 10 photos..
355 to go


Michelle Jamieson said...

That pic is a little freaky!!

Glad your finger is healing ok...must be killing you not scrapping!!

Good luck with all your CJ's and swaps, etc. You just don't have enough hrs in the day!!

Chelle Xx

Jodie said...

lol that is a lil freaky but cool freaky!!

ahh u have heaps to do, goodluck getting thru it all :D

have a good weekend witchy

Nicole said...

Great effect. love it, gives you a good witchy look, LOL.

WOW you have alot to do.

Have fun