Tuesday, July 17, 2007

i've been tagged..again....by melissa ,and kellie and a few more ppl too..

here i go
Four of my favourite jobs -
1. working with kids..anywhere..so much fun to be with,i worked as a au-pair/nanny and travelled the world,staying in wonderful opulant family homes and living in europe..i would go back to it tomorrow if i could
2. working at warner brothers/bmg records..this job was sooooo cooool,meeting heaps of interesting people,musicians etc,every week,staff could choose the album of their choice to take home and keep..my record collection grew so big..i got heaps of double and triple albums
3. scrap work....
a few years ago goddess and i were asked to part own a lss,which we happily joined..with a no money outlay...just creative outlay
i worked for nothing ,but got heaps of product..the other owners became pregnant,so we basically took over
4.my current job is awesome...i'm about 1.5klm from work..i job share in different roles(teaching/cooking)i love my work buddies and im excited to go to work..even on my 10hr shift days
Four of my favourite local places
1. norah head lighthouse
2. glebe/paddington markets, sydney
3.anywhere i'm scrapping with pam or leanne or zane
4. home
Four of my favourite foods
1. thai hot and spicy soup
2.cajan chicken
3. pauls vege pie
4.chocolate brownies or cabury breakaway
Four of my favourite places in the world,which i have visited
1. sydney
2. stockholm,sweden
3. london,especially the soho and carnaby st areas
4. the gorgeous island of KAUAI in hawaii...a stunningly breathtaking place to see...


Jodie said...

you worked for warner BMG?? how awesome u never cease to amaze me witchy
thats totally cool, i always dreamed of working in a record company...even went to tafe for the certificate 4 in music business etc, but yeah hardddd place to crack.

u rock!!

Julie said...

Wow, you've had some awesome jobs Lisa!! and bonus on picking up free cd's lol.

take care
Julie H xx