Tuesday, September 30, 2008

song title by KISS
sub title -nothing to lose-by KISS
a challenge ,everyone loves a challenge right ..here's one i have set over at the offical challenge chics forum,winners in this one earn themselves a blinkie :):)

so heres the challenge

PAINT ...yep i have to include that
super distressing ..egdes ,sanding ,fun !
a large photo.....6x8 ,7x5,whatever works for you
a bold title ........large font here chics
staples .......i love these on layouts
now for something different
detailing your photos somehow..some sort of hybrid photowork
you'll see in my layout that my pic has been photo edited/but you dont have to edit your shot ,just have fun with it .add wings,crowns ,flowers in the hair,doddle around it
oh and one more thing ...the title has to be a song title or lyric

Sunday, September 28, 2008

sharing time folks..wow 2 post in one day whats with that ..
i keep getting asked about my paint technique ,so while playing with some product
this afternoon i took a few shots to demonstrate how i make a lil magic with paint .

its all in the application.as you can see the paint all goes on at the same time

and i smear the paint using a palette knife ,lighter colours first

yummo ,i love working with paint

you like?????
its that time again ..ive been lucky enough to get thru the first 3 rounds of the
competition over at the fabo SCRAPTACULAR .
this weeks theme is set by the totally inspiring Claire Bremner..
heres my layout
childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons
well here we go for week 4 and Clairs challenge was definately one ive been waiting for,
no suprise that ive used rose moka pp again..my absolute fav atm-
the criteria this week was
masking tape (or another form of decorative sticky tape)-----------well i didnt use masking tape ,rather i used industrial metal tape used in aircraft repairs ,its such a cool medium and you can emboss it ,paint or ink it ..and i have a big roll :)
rub-ons ----------some delicate white kaiser rubs in there
add hand written journalling directly onto your photo--- i love to journal this way ,thanks for the prompt clair
use bright colours-------its definately not the brightest page i have completed but yellow is such a happy colour and its the rose moka

hope you all had a fun weekend..i did! and its only
2 days of work till i have a few days R&R.
i cant wait ...:):):)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

im inspired again...by vivian bonder and her amazing use of paint and by someone special,by a kind hearted soul,and to celebrate this flowed out of me last night after my lss class.
this is a 15x30cm canvas

do you want to know how i made this ....
..it took bugger all time .i grabbed my canvas..rough drew the heart ,then got scrunched up red tissue paper and stuck it on with my faithful helamr glue...bit if texture paste around the edge and leave to dry..out come the paints red,silver,pink yellow and orange yummy ,the letters and then DM to glaze it all..butterflies to finish off...i love it soooooooooooooo much ...
looks much better in real life ...
hope you have a wonderful day..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

finally its finished all of it ,ready to go on its journey ...
my heart hopes for its safe return .
now i know that maybe the colours i have chosen dont really sit with the theme
( i'd love to hear your opinion ),
but with my utter love of these new rose moka pp
and the beauty and colour that life is ,
i had to go with my beloved bright paints .
and finally ,my tribute page to my handsome father....my letter in in a fold under the embellies

remember ,this one is a golden book so space is limited and it's better to avoid over embellishing ,especially in the middle ,down the spine ...cant wait to get yours mel..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

its that time again..my weekly challenge for scraptactulars

do you know what it is to be a child?
it is to be so little that the elves can reach up to whisper in your ear
Use a piece of Patterned Paper as your background not cardstock..YEP ROSE MOKA PP
Use mix of different types of Patterned Paper (not from the same story) SOME BG ,SOME ROCK STAR DMC, A SLICE OF HAMBLY.
ink edges of all Patterned Paper and Photos YES WITH STAZ ON
Use cluster of embellishments DID THAT
Use staples LOVE THOSE
Use a 6x4 photo AINT IT GORGEOUS..
TWINS S & J and lil cheeky !

the beauty is in the detail...

we have been out today..up to the Gwandalan Spring Fair
lots of happy families,markets ,bands ,activities for children
cars...oh i love this Mustang...wish i could jump in it and drive to the city right now
aint she gorgeous ,ya gotta love the classics
your super inspiring Karrin and you looking super hot babe..
this is the kids dance teacher...lookin fabulous

kaz and julie open the show

there is so much beauty in the details in the costumes ,

i see to just adore all that bling and beads

this is probably my fav photo today ,even though its dull and dark ,

,Evy in full swing ,im such a lover of capturing the movement of the dance

more gorgeous detail with Ivanas belly jewellary

our 3 gorgeous girls start their show
love this one too..you go for it Asti
my little dancer
oh of course these costumes won me over straight away
a few of the 800 shots from today
sorry kaz i cant showcase them all..there are some super fab shots of you and the girls
and to finish ..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
is it the sun , the 3 beers or

too much female energy ?

hope you had a fab weekend .i did ..and a special thank you to all those

who left me a message in the last post ..mwah to you

Friday, September 19, 2008

finally its finished...well the title page is anyway,and the album is made from a golden book he used to read to micheal and i ,and my journalling ,which was quite a raw emotional rollercoaster ride last night ,that left me totally drained, and upset.but im supposing its a natural part of grief ...even 35 years later..so im going to share my journalling with you sisters,just to let those who are in this swap know .i am posting this sat .!
my dad passed away when he was 29 years old ,i was 3yrs 8 mths
We missed everything
I missed knowing you
I missed being your child
I missed you teaching me to ride a bike
I missed knowing you as an adult
I missed being a special person in your heart and knowing it
I miss you. I miss you sooooo much
You missed seeing me grow up
You missed me graduating with a degree
You missed cuddling me at night before bed
You missed teaching me how to be a better person
You missed seeing me off on my overseas adventures
and worrying about me…
You missed it!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I just can’t ever seem to let go.
I know it’s not your fault, I know you were robbed
How could that happen to us. It’s not fair and I’ll never get over it…
Why? WHY? Why you.
My daddy, you were my daddy and i didn’t know you enough
I didn’t see you enough. I didn’t get to love you enough
And i am shattered. My heart is broken and its not ever better.35 years later
What i just can’t understand is how come it was you. You know when people say. “It happens for a reason”. Well they can all go fuck off.
Because that’s just bullshit.
We were robbed, you know it, and I know it and it just not fair.
We missed so much
We missed being together as parent and child
We missed being proud of each other
We missed sharing a life
We missed living at the lighthouse
We missed celebrations and presents
We missed being a family with mum and Micheal
We missed so much
And my heart will never be the same.
But you WERE here, and you DID love me
And i will NEVER FORGET your spirit and energy
And i will ALWAYS LOVE YOU and ill always HAVE YOU WITH ME,
Because I feel your presence when I call you
And I see your messages around me.
And I know that you’re proud of me.
And i know you loved your life as a father, a husband and a lighthouse keeper.
And I’ll never stop loving you.
Dad, i will love you for all eternity
Lisa xxx

Thursday, September 18, 2008

hears a layout for miss deb on the scrap challenge chics forum

anyone who would like to buy this product can find a pack here

ok so if you havent noticed ..ive had a little colour ,some foils..

which is a bit spec for me cause i never splurge on myself.
(please disregard the last 2 weeks of posts )hehehehe.anyway ..
here it is yesterday curly and wet still..i think i like it looky at this...today on its acedemic the lil boy on the right is my nephew Robert...

a tv star to us and a super student too...

bad luck they didnt win...but they gave it a good shot anyway..

good work rob..we are all so proud of you mate ..

the kids watched it at nans with her and i checked it out myself too...

look at that cheeky smile....aint he just adoreable

and finally ...sob sob

robyn is leaving today.and the kids ,to catch up with dad and hubby in the UAE or Abu Darbi

to live for an undefined period of time....missing you already rob,our teary goodbyes today was just way to short...see ya on skype babe..im thinking of you and the kids ,and i cant wait to come and visit ya soon.....i always wanted to check out the middle east and have only had a stop over in uae on my way home from europe ...

swooon europe..i can hear you calling me .......................

peace and love Robyn
you'll be missed sister

Monday, September 15, 2008

one for you emmanuelle and erico...
thanks for the emergency txt to help with this layout
i almost put french forest
i think my mojo went a little walkabout..lol
love to you guys ,give Emile a big hug from his fav australian aunty

Sunday, September 14, 2008

yep...me again..3 days in a row...mmm whats going on ..
mojo plus thats what ...inspired by wonderful layouts ,quotes and people
im creatively invigourated at the moment and a lil self indulgent too...
using up some of my 365 day photos ,ive created these lil beauties:)
im a lil obsessed with those basic grey font type stamps and lush quotes .
i love the impact it makes ..what do you think ?
just because i want to remember this moment
and how i feel about myself
a big thanks to georgie for this one

LOVE the depth and colour of this one *********************************
HAPPINESS IS the meaning and purpose of life the

whole aim and end of human existance


yep ali straight again....which i love ,if you hadnt already realized .lol

tell me what you did this weekend...!