Thursday, September 18, 2008

hears a layout for miss deb on the scrap challenge chics forum

anyone who would like to buy this product can find a pack here

ok so if you havent noticed ..ive had a little colour ,some foils..

which is a bit spec for me cause i never splurge on myself.
(please disregard the last 2 weeks of posts )hehehehe.anyway ..
here it is yesterday curly and wet still..i think i like it looky at on its acedemic the lil boy on the right is my nephew Robert...

a tv star to us and a super student too...

bad luck they didnt win...but they gave it a good shot anyway..

good work rob..we are all so proud of you mate ..

the kids watched it at nans with her and i checked it out myself too...

look at that cheeky smile....aint he just adoreable

and finally ...sob sob

robyn is leaving today.and the kids ,to catch up with dad and hubby in the UAE or Abu Darbi

to live for an undefined period of time....missing you already rob,our teary goodbyes today was just way to short...see ya on skype thinking of you and the kids ,and i cant wait to come and visit ya soon.....i always wanted to check out the middle east and have only had a stop over in uae on my way home from europe ...

swooon europe..i can hear you calling me .......................

peace and love Robyn
you'll be missed sister

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