Thursday, September 11, 2008

i love spring..

the warmth in the air
the smell of jasmine as you walk outside...
getting up to see the glorious sunrises..
the birth of new beginings
happy children playing outside
sunshine thru everyday..
smiles from strangers
feeling the joys in life...
ahhhh i love spring,
its my favourite time of year

i want to share a lil exciting news :)
for a double layout done ME for YOU......
its up to a whopping $42.00.i am super stoked to be
helping out a fab cause like gypsys GIRLS NIGHT IN.
if anyone would like to add a bid:) heres your link
hope you all had a wonderful spring day


miasmummy said...

I too love Spring, it's a lovely time of year... and it helps to make the fog lift in your brain...xx

Nicole said...

LOVING spring too, we have so many Lorrie's here at the moment it's fantastic, such a brilliant sound to wake up to each morning

Peace and loves to you.



Ruby Claire. said...

HAPPY HAPPY spring to you :D
I LOOVE Jasmine!
Congrats at that auction LO gurll... You're super talented!