Friday, September 12, 2008

its spring fever over at the gallery this week, dont forget to

pop over and cast your vote ,some time during the week

so while i was out snappin SPRINGFEVER shots..i stumbled into

this little old world bali shop..

the colous and shapes were calling my lens and my senses

ive been looking thru my blog and checking out some pics from the challenge

..i'm so stoked i did that ,and now have so many cool shots....

and because i had my camera out(which i have been neglecting )

i snapped some shots of the girls and i..share time folks...

like you really need to see more pics of me


look at my gorgeous girls..astrid turns 10 next month

evangeline is a super cute tween at 11

and finally a quick scrap project ..

ive been shamefully distracted from my table this week

but thats fine because my spirit has been recharged in the process:):):)

i waved my magic wand and created these journalling cards for becs swap on SM

whats happening in your space this weekend ???

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