Tuesday, September 30, 2008

song title by KISS
sub title -nothing to lose-by KISS
a challenge ,everyone loves a challenge right ..here's one i have set over at the offical challenge chics forum,winners in this one earn themselves a blinkie :):)

so heres the challenge

PAINT ...yep i have to include that
super distressing ..egdes ,sanding ,fun !
a large photo.....6x8 ,7x5,whatever works for you
a bold title ........large font here chics
staples .......i love these on layouts
now for something different
detailing your photos somehow..some sort of hybrid photowork
you'll see in my layout that my pic has been photo edited/but you dont have to edit your shot ,just have fun with it .add wings,crowns ,flowers in the hair,doddle around it
oh and one more thing ...the title has to be a song title or lyric


merryheart2 said...

love love love the layout and the challenge. how long will it be up?

hope you have a great Tuesday.

tracey said...

what a fabulous layout - kudos to you - you have an amazing family and an amazing gift - enjoy your week.

Katie said...

Just found you...love your stuff! Especially like grungy stuff so really like all the distressing!

SkyeMJ said...

Will definately be giving this one a go, it is my favourite challenge over there so far be a long shot!

Love love love it!
and love love love your example!


Pamela said...

mmmmmmm love those paint colours!

Georgia}]............ said...

hey lisa
i saw you said that you had a couple days off let me no wat you are doing cause im dying for a scrap with you if your keen im busy till 4.30 on sat working if you want

Fulvia said...

I'll let you know that I love your style? kisses from Italy