Sunday, September 30, 2007

day 82
i think
here a few pics from my family day..
i was going to put up more ,
but bloggger is having ISSSUES!
this is my mum
my girls and my brothers boys

looking thru some pics
games on the lawn for the kids
my paul

the view across to lighthppuse beach ,JD'S beach and hargaves beachmy nephew ryan turns 6

sisters with the same habit

my nephew Robert
on the way up.
i got some fabo shots with the longer lens...
a group shot minus meittle elliebyron wins the
Old codgers award
brain freeze
my asti
my step father Al
photo of the day 82

Saturday, September 29, 2007

DAY 81
heres a couple of layouts from last night..
one for fess..aka louise nelson
and one for astis album..she bought a photo home from school
that one of the mums printed for her..its such a cool pic~
even though the photo paper isn't the best .
i still had to scrap it asap

Friday, September 28, 2007

photo of the day 80
pick the potato head ?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

day 79
a long day at work and another coming up tomorrow..
then a fab 3 day weekend ,with a family reunion at the lighthouse
which is our yearly oct weekend activity
should be tops ,i love to catch up with
my aunties ,uncles,cousins and kin...
im off to bed early..
dont i look like a tired witch?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

day 78
what fun it was to catch up with LOUISE and LUCY,
we popped out the lighthouse this arvo for a couple of pics and a catch up
so stoked..evy and asti took some fabo shots of us all,
thanks girls
here's a few of my favs

and for my daily pic......

now my forum friend is going home ,
and hopefully will reurn for the celine navarrow class
in sydney in nov or dec..i cant remember.
i cant wait to catch up in a couple of months LOUiSE.
i had a lovely time today,thanks to all of you for coming over our way

a huge shout out to my girl ZANE ,
whom i miss a bunch and want her
to know that i'm thinking of her lots.
oh what fun we had in qld..looks like we will have to
wait until your finished gallavanting around the globe to
catch up you heaps chicky ..
stay strong ,focused and well..
your truely an amazing spirit and i've been blessed
to be able to spend time with you .

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

DAY 77
one more pic
two more layouts with some detail.
thanks for dropping by...

Monday, September 24, 2007

DAY 76
all the witches in a row..
ain't ya sick of my ugly mug yet??
ok ,those very observant bloggers will notice that this photo
looks like its from yesterdays shoot.
which it is ,i admit my defence,i really like the
pics from yesterday and there is a daily photo,
but it's not on my camera...hmmm,
i need a spare battery ,for sure !
so when i get that pic ,i will upload,cause ,
i met FESS today(and thats todays photo) ,
i've been bustin to catch her i.r.l.
and finally it happened~she is soo lovely ,
and i wanted to bask in her creative space ,
but i had to leave early (kids are sick)
and missed the scrap,booo hooo
hope very much to catch up with her on Wednesday_
oh and she scrapped all these layouts from my daily blog pic..
im so lucky there stunning!!

and some mini's?
are they really minis,when they are 4x6?
i think not !

Sunday, September 23, 2007

DAY 75
im hopeing you've all had an awesome weekend!
mine was so full,im still yet to fit an hour of scrapping in.
oh well,thats what having children does to your
so our day began with a sleep in
(oh i must indulge myself a little)
and up and out the door by 10.30
and off to Gwandalan for the annual spring fair ,
where my girls performed with their dancing troupe.
its was a wonderful event ,
with lots of stalls and activities for the kids and families .
then it was back home for a quick salad and then off to visit mimi,
or marie to me .she is home from hospital,but just not that good i'm afraid .
breathing is still laboured ,she is very shakey on he feet..its a little sad.
they girls visit bought her some happiness into her day:)
my gorgeous Evangeline just loves to dance,
she is so confident,and just radiates when she is on stage check out these bodypainters...
wow they were soooo awesome..
.they are the reighing winners of the
australian face painting champions
and here they are ..THE 3 GOOD FAIRYS
look at Astrids fantastic face paint
and Evy wasn't keen on getting her face done so
she opted for the tattoo on the arm...oh they just looked soo great
the JR temple goddess dancing troupe

while i was peeking thru the market i came across these interactive witches...
soooo cute,in a magical way
you clap your hands and their legs start moving back and forward,
they start to cackle ,one even rode a skateboard .
im so stoked she lives in the same town as me
so i'm going to order a special witch with a bag of scrap supplies ..
heres a couple of my favs

and one witch to finish of the day number 75