Sunday, September 16, 2007

its day 68
of the portrait challenge,and today has been a busy day..
church with the kids and choir this morning,then it was
back to catch up with my very happy mum who arrived
back from WA a squzsh master for another consecutive year,
she went thru her grade unbeaten and won the line ,
plus her team won also so she is a double winner..not bad for 63 ..
Barb you totally rock ,i love you !well as you ca n see from the above shot ,
the campervan is packed ,ive dragged the kids from it ,
which was very hard ,as evy has claimed it for
herself since rico and emma left,,a huge thats to
pam and rob for lending it too us...its been invaluable ...
so after catching up wiith mum i went with the kids ,
to my friend ,who also happens to be my accountant and talked tax....blah to that
then home for a quick 20 min kip on the lounge and more chores...
and some scrapping to plan..
hello folks
a calendar cj entry for a swap at LSBS

purplefroggys favourite things


tracey said...

all in all sounds like a fabbo day and looks like you got some great shots of the kids too.... hope you have a very scrappy fun weekend lisa...mwah

nikkihelen said...

I love your work, that entry into "My fave things" is magnificent, so glad I come before you, and not after!! It was hard to come up with something different for that one.........

Melissa said...

Gorgeous pics lisa...
I *heart* that journal entry....awesome colours!

Nicole said...

such a cute photo of you.

rocking out with your work chick.


binrow said...

Yeah blah to tax, but I need to get mine back!!
Oh that looks comfy when is there an open booking for that room??
Love those cj's awesome as always.