Monday, September 10, 2007

day 62
i feel a cold coming on...
woke up with a sore throat,headache ..
went to work and my boss has the dreaded lurgy
and has been in bed all weekend
,but she is still here,poor thing,
so we have band her tomorrow but i
so for once i'm putting myself to bed early
(this i s never do)
but at the moment the screen is blurry and
it could develop into a migraine at any moment .
good night friends...
if there is anybody out there reading this !


Michelle Jamieson said...

Hope you are feeling better soon, and that nothing develops!

Sleep tight, Witchy!

Chelle Xx

Melissa said...

oh hun hope you are feeling better soon!
you look bloody fab in today's photo!

Christie said...

A head like that should ache. Hope all the little kiddies scream their little hearts out. Have a shithouse day.

Jaimie R said...

NO GOOD to hear Lisa! If it snot (excuse the attempt at humour there) one thing it's another. We all just got over it, and gastro before that. Be glad to see spring! BUT your photo challenge hasn't suffered!
Rest, water & pampering, you'll be OK with your lovely girls to nurse u!
MWAH! HUGS! Hope u feel better soon chicky!

Anonymous said...

Cyber Hugs... and hope it's not the one I just had xxx love your pic too by the way (sure looks healthy) stunning in fact xx Stay happy and WELL xxx

Julie said...

They're both gorgeous photos Lisa. Hope you've shaken off the flu bugs and are feeling heaps better now.

chat soon
Julie H xx