Thursday, September 13, 2007

DAY 65
a portrait of mother and son
this is christie and her family...
i was lucky enough to snap a
few hundred shots yesterday
with her family and i just wanted to share
a few of my fav shots of the shoot

whose one fast little sucker and is really hard to pin down
this shot below is one of my fav's

da kids
one very gorgeous young lady

lakesha (sp?)

how about a beach shoot next time christie ??? this is todays shot..can you tell im dosed up on cold tabs ???


Michelle Jamieson said...

Some beautiful shots there, Witch! I bet Kristie loved them! :)

Hope you are getting a little better!

Chelle Xx

Anonymous said...

Feeling better vibes heading your way xxx you should be resting not out doing a fantastic shoot like that really love the pic of the three little mites but there are some awesome shots in the lot your put here for us to peek at.....xx now get better xxx

tracey said...

truly beautiful shots witch - glad to see you are getting the most outta the camera - and now to the scrap space with you -- create girl create!- lol

binrow said...

These are beautiful portraits witchy!!!


karen e said...

Great photos witchy

Jodie said...

i sware i left a comment here last nite to say how awesome that photo shoot was!!! lol

hope ur feeling better soon witchy


Christie said...

They are So beautiful to me can't you see Their everything I hope for Their everything I need. They are so beautiful to Meeeee. Thats right people we rock as a shit hot looking family.