Saturday, September 08, 2007

day 60
been playing with those 12x6's agian..
getting thru the a couple hundreds of pic printed in 4x6.
plus a commision from a mum from my work..
her friend celebrates being 40 years young and
she asked me to make something for her ..
how difficult is it to scrap for those one has not met??
very hard..i do hope she likes it
and happy birthday helen.

just a couple of frames
more wonderful 12x 6's..
love the red ,black and white combo
i just love red!
hope your having a fab weekend!
do you think it funny that i favour certain
areas of the page for photo placement ,etc?...
example above do you do this?or do you shake it up a little ?
maybe this is why i dont get published cares?


Melissa said...

Stunning Lisa...great to see you scrapping and smiling again!!

Anonymous said...

All wonderful pieces chicky! Missed seeing your amazing inspirational art!


Jodie said...

lol i always seem to place my photos on the bottom left, so lately ive tried mixing it up yeh.
awesome pages as always witchy!
im baffled as to why your not published, not that it matters but hey you deserve to be there!!!

as for the message on my blog hehe u wanna drop by? well eeep, let me know before hand if u do ;)
ill pm u the mobile ##


Nicole said...

I've usually got my photos on the left too. and been tryiing to change that.

glad you've got some funky happening.


Helen & Co. said...

Cute work!!