Friday, September 21, 2007

DAY 73
here's a couple of picks from scrapnight this evening ..
some old friends and one new friend...tonight we were joined by the fabulous Jamie
well ,we didnt get any scrapping done~just some laminating for those albums
~one disasterous experiment with kindy glitz and the laminating machine ~
a spot of shopping with weBBgod ~dont we all need some retail therapy
and some chatting about our 6 degrees of seperation,in fact its much much less.Jamie ,can you fill me in on the relations we have in commen ,its a little bizarre.
from l-r
jamieR,scrapgoddess,thats me there,and the looney weBBgod..


Jaimie R said...

LOVE the pics, you & Pam are very talented photographers!
A BIG thanks for inviting me, it was AMAZING to meet you guys IRL, you CRACK me up, which hurts my poor face, with my top 2 wissys out. BUT WORTH IT!
Pam - lovin the retail therapy, thanks again!
Leanne - THANKS for the mini, you rock! Maybe one day you'll be as good as Lisa (LOL!!!)
Well, to answer your question about the family, Lisa is RELATED TO ME!!! Sort of.. Well, my Husband's sister (Sonia) is Lisa's cousins stepdaugher.. did I get that right?? hehehe Small World! Pam knows Sonia from Soccer, and the Fab Leanne went to School with Sonia! So fess up girls!! hehehe

scrapwitch said...

actually is sonia is my uncle bill's stepdaughter ...what a small world it is folks!!!!

binrow said...

Crazy ladyz out on the tear!!
Glad to see you had such a great night!!


Lauren said...

Wish I had of been able to go, I love your crop nights! I went to bed when I got home from work and just woke up 13 hours later! I will definately be at the next one! Im sad that I missed it, looks like you had an awesome time!

tracey said...

u- huh -- too cool -- looks like you girls had heaps of fun -- woooohooo

Michelle Jamieson said...

Cool pic!!

Looking forward to seeing that one scrapped, and it's good to see Goddess in the pic!!

Chelle Xx