Monday, September 24, 2007

DAY 76
all the witches in a row..
ain't ya sick of my ugly mug yet??
ok ,those very observant bloggers will notice that this photo
looks like its from yesterdays shoot.
which it is ,i admit my defence,i really like the
pics from yesterday and there is a daily photo,
but it's not on my camera...hmmm,
i need a spare battery ,for sure !
so when i get that pic ,i will upload,cause ,
i met FESS today(and thats todays photo) ,
i've been bustin to catch her i.r.l.
and finally it happened~she is soo lovely ,
and i wanted to bask in her creative space ,
but i had to leave early (kids are sick)
and missed the scrap,booo hooo
hope very much to catch up with her on Wednesday_
oh and she scrapped all these layouts from my daily blog pic..
im so lucky there stunning!!

and some mini's?
are they really minis,when they are 4x6?
i think not !


Louise said...

Meeting you IRL was unbelievable experience my friend, I was so so sad you couldnt stay.

And, when you have such Fabulous photos how can I not want to scrap them, I will post them on the blog for every one to see how amazing you are, [again - lol].


binrow said...

Well witchy you have had a vey busy last few days!! Love all your pics and your 6x4's are beautiful too.
WoW how lucky are you to see Fess IRL, just wish I had a teleporter to zap me there!!


Nicole said...

couldn't get sick of seeing you, atleast you always look gorgeous in colour, me bleh.

mini are gorg.