Wednesday, September 26, 2007

a huge shout out to my girl ZANE ,
whom i miss a bunch and want her
to know that i'm thinking of her lots.
oh what fun we had in qld..looks like we will have to
wait until your finished gallavanting around the globe to
catch up you heaps chicky ..
stay strong ,focused and well..
your truely an amazing spirit and i've been blessed
to be able to spend time with you .


Ms Zane said...

Hey gorgeous Witch!!! :) Thanks for my shout out!! :) I love you and miss you a tonne!! :) I think we MAY be able to arrange a catch up before I go, I have tickets booked to visit Sydnet 26-29 Oct. I sent you a PM on SM! You totally ROCK...

Thanks for saying "Life is Orange sweet bright and waiting to be peeled". It's totally true!!

Zane xox

Tara said...

OMG is that the scrap shop near pacific fair????? LOL, I spotted that shop driving past one day, and when DH took me back there he couldnt believe I saw it just driving past, since it was all the way in the back corner... LOL!! He thinks I have a scrapbook shop radar or something..... If its the one I think it is it was an awesome shop!!! I wish i had of discovered it before our last day on holidays!!!!

I could have spent HEAPS in there!!!