Saturday, September 29, 2007

DAY 81
heres a couple of layouts from last night..
one for fess..aka louise nelson
and one for astis album..she bought a photo home from school
that one of the mums printed for her..its such a cool pic~
even though the photo paper isn't the best .
i still had to scrap it asap


Jodie said...

looove the layouts the fess one is stunning wow love that pic!

hey u been tagged!!


Donna said...

Hi gorgeous! long time no hear - hope life is cruising for you. I love checking in to see your daily pic - sorry haven't left message ina while - have two sick bambinos - but just when I feel as though inspiration is slipping away - I look at your work and I get excited and revved up again! Thanks Witchy - love ya babe,


Melissa said...

you can turn to any pic and create the perfect LO...such talent!!!

Louise said...

B...... Brilliant Lisa!!!!

Thank you! XXXX