Friday, September 07, 2007

here is Rico and Emma,Paul,Asti and
Evy with Pauls mum MARIE
~its actually Mary~
but when she married Patrick Carey ,
it quickly changed to Marie
i've been tagged by the wonderful melissa and nicole.
because i'm nice!!!!im going to tag a few ppl too...
i Tag
donna j
tiddly and
cause you all make my blogging week special.
copy and repeat the process girls
DAY 59
i hope you do too...!
just a quick word that Marie ,Paul's Mum
is feeling a little better.
please keep her in your prayers folks
channel all that universal healing energy her way .
she suffers from broncial problems and weighs 29 kg..
yes i'm not kidding!the dr have ordered her to gain some weight
she eats like a bird and its having a massive drain on her
ability to support herself and coupled with her
major breathing difficulties.she is struggling some days .
yesterday she was very weak and they had dosed
her up on some morphine to aid her back pain..
but today she is much better she ate some lunch and was in high spirits when we arrived for our daily visit(which is healing medicine in itself )


Nicole said...

hope all is well with your family. bring on a productive weekend.


Jodie said...

hope she gets better.
am thinking of you and ur family witchy :D


Nanny_leilz said...

Hey I just wanted to say, Day 58 is such a beautiful photo of you!!!! Can't wait to see it scrapped! :)

Donna said...

Hey WP! Long time no hear! My fault - or actually our modem's - it shat itself a week ago - long story... Only managed to get onto dial-up last night, it's been soooo painful not having internet access. Just checked my blog, thanks for looking out for me. Have also had a sick baby girl this week with bad flu - chesty cough thingo. Terrible to hear about your MIL - poor luv, will certainly send some healthy body vibes her way. Fingers crossed we get back online early in the week - have up graded our account to a really fast bandwidth and it's frustrating not being able to use it! Enough of the litany from me - I'm hogging cyber space. Ciao luv!