Wednesday, September 12, 2007

day 64
i have succomb to the flu..!


Anonymous said...

poor heaps of fluids and rest sweet xxx Love Asrid's piccies so much talent wonder where that comes from... Get to bed no scrapping xxx

Anonymous said...

Sorry wrong daughter... Sorry Evy but your both have talent really xxx I've seen you both scrapping in RL xxx

Tara said...

Your photo's are so good Lisa..... They are all Awesome.... I hope you are feeling better soon, And I just wanted to say Thanks for the comments you left on my blog!!! :)

binrow said...

Take care and rest up!!
But by the looks of this photo there is still a spark of cheekiness in those eyes.
Oh the gloves you sent have been a godsend the last couple of weeks, so thanks!!


Michelle Jamieson said...

Oh Lisa...poor thing. Gotta hate the flu. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Great photo today. You don't look sick!

Chelle Xx

Christie said...

That is the biggest lie I have ever heard. Of course you look sick. It looks like your neck has just thrown-up and was baked in the sun for a while. I'm sure you smell a tad funky too. I heard you did a shit hot photo shoot with this awesome family today. We won't name names but it was me and mine. Shit we are a good looking family. It's hard when people hate other people because they are beautiful. ( I should know it happens to me all the time) Hope your snot turns green TOODLES