Saturday, September 13, 2008

i got some new energy ,some new earrings,some new mojo

ive been shopping and treating myself a little

dont we all need to hit bras and things with a couple of hundred bucks:):)

im feeling the energy of spring

how about you ??????????????????

its week two at scraptaculars


here is this week criteria

- A mixture of at least 3 patterned papers in

various colours, patterns, brands and textures-

Ink (lots of it!)

- Journaling strips-

Everything a little off centre and generally weighted to one side -


One large photo

so dont forget to go over and check it out..
if your a forum member you can vote


miasmummy said...

Would that be straightened hair I see?? Your page rocks baby!! x

kayla renee macaulay said...

gotta love treating yourself...
It's not hard to spend a couple hundred bucks on bras either...quite scary actually.

I love that layout...very funky.
Lovin' the circles.

KR. x

Ruby Claire. said...

The Hecticality of that Lo is RAD!
Okay does that make sense?
That Lo is HECTIC. You rock dood.
Did you straighten your hair again? ;)
Looks cutteee (=

Dee Molina said...

LOVE this LO girl, and goo don ya for treating ya good self.. I should take head!

AGA said...

Luv this!!! I love that you can take something as simple as circles and make them look fabulous :)
Aga xx