Monday, July 30, 2007

ok folks
day 20
this one was taken by scrapgoddess
playing with the new toy
this is baby chasye rainbows..
when she was born.
she is about 19 weeks now
mum just loves this pic, and printed it to show me .
so i just had to do something with it .
she is such a smiley beautiful baby
and of course one from me
with some pics 0f the kids taken on saturday
the skull and crossbones comes from a tshirt
that paul was given on his birthday.
it wasn't in the house 5 minutes
before it hit the flatbed scanner


Jodie said...

love the skull layout :)
and the canvas is gorgeous, wow the baby is so..."new" for loss of a better word!!! lol u know what i mean!! awesome photo to have hey.

love todays pic.
your hair is so gorgeous!!!!
as are you


Julie said...

have been enjoying your self portraits Lisa!
Clever idea with the t-shirt and scanner - layouts look fantastic!!